Rockland, New York

Sewer Line Inspections

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Sewer Line Inspections

Using top-notch video pipe scoping equipment, our technicians inspect the complete interior condition of your underground sewer and drainage lines without expensive and disruptive traditional hydro-excavation digging. They look closely for breaches, blockages, leaks, cracks, root infiltrations, and any other issues lurking in aging pipes, causing havoc to your property's plumbing systems. After analysis, you receive professional video views from inside your lines with our assessment of any problematic areas and recommendations for the next steps, whether pipes require cleaning, repair, or replacement.


With R.A.N. on board, save tens of thousands of dollars on excavation costs. We non-invasively inspect all underground lines first with our advanced video-scoping equipment before proceeding with repairs. We deliver clear footage with analysis signifying any detected line issues and provide suggested solutions.